Two great sources concerning brand managment

Here are two blogs I recommend highly for meaty content on branding. Whether you’re a pro or tyro, you’ll find good info at Branding Strategy Insider and at HBS Working Knowledge

Here are a couple of examples of their articles on brand management:

Brand Management: The Hilfiger Lessons

But then came the new century, and Hilfiger struggled to maintain the momentum. Tommy would learn some of the key lessons of brand management the hard way. First, growth and success are the two biggest enemies of all strong brands. …

Sharpening Your Skills: Brand Management

Questions to be Answered. Does branding work for business-to-business marketing? Can individuals create their own brand? Should I trust my brand to a sports personality? How should I think about brand dilution? …

I’m sure you’ll find yourself returning to both these sites if you’re really serious about branding issues.

Martin Jelsema

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