Too late to jump on the Green Brand Wagon?

There’s been an avalanche of brands claiming they’re “green”. BrandWeek is now publishing an e-mail called the Green Report. And there’ll be a conclave in Washington about Green Marketing in August sponsored by the American Strategic Management Institute.

The Brand WagonSo the question occurs to me, “Can a company’s green activities differentiate its brand?”
I say NO.

Being environmentally friendly has past that point.

Since everyone participates, just as they did in the 1990’s with the “quality” buzz, you can’t use the term or the actions to differentiate your brand.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t “be green” and promote your efforts. Like quality, environmentally friendly is becoming a “given” if you want a viable brand today.

That means you’ll need to find another differentiator for your brand. Which one? Well, I’ve been blogging on the subject of differentiators for a couple of months. Check out those six or seven blogs by clicking the category, Brand Platform in the right-hand column.

Remember, when everyone’s rushed to the brand-wagon all at once, only the first to be there – probably the one or two who hitched up the team – will be remembered. Think Body Shop.

Martin Jelsema

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