This brand name and tagline get five stars

I get a lot of ammunition for this blog from the commercials on TV.

Usually I rant about this name or that tagline. But today I want to praise.

Balance and abilityThe commercial was for Abilify, a prescription medicine aimed at those with bipolar disorders.

What a great promise in a seven-letter coined word!

This is brand naming at its pinnacle.

First, it’s short, pronounceable (many prescription names aren’t) and relevant.

Second, it’s a coined word that people will have no problem with. It’s what I’d call a “natural”.

Third, it’s appropriate, both for the ailment and for the patient. There’s an inherent promise in it as well as a positiveness that’s literally uplifting as you say the name.

To top it off, their tagline is also relevant and creditable: A medicine to help you move forward.

All in all a well grounded and well executed brand. So great work, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Martin Jelsema

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