The troubled Sears brand:

another voice heard from.

Well, I’m not the only one to have expressed an opinion about Sears and their brands. (You can read that blog by clicking Salvaging Sears.)

Jack Trout, long-time advisor, speaker and co-author of a dozen branding books (including the pioneering classic, Positioning: the Battlefield for your Mind with Al Ries) , blogged at Brand Strategy Insider about Sear’s seeming abandonment of its sub-brands.

His take is that those sub-brands are the only way Sears differentiates itself from J.C.Penneys, Target, Kohls and other general merchandise chains. He be-moans Sears seeming lack of aggression in promoting and backing these child-brands..

My take was to spin those sub-brands into separate specialty chains. If Batteries Plus can succeed, then certainly Die-Hard could.

Anyway, we both see that the Sears brand is in deep trouble. We both have doubts if they’ll survive taking the course they’re now on.

Martin Jelsema

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