The branding platform should reflect employee participation in the brand

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One thought on “The branding platform should reflect employee participation in the brand

  1. It’s important to make a distinction between “employment branding” and “employee branding”. Employment branding (aka employer branding) is about defining and communicating what a particular company is like to work for. Crafting and communicating the organization’s employer/employment brand is intended to attract potential employees who will be predisposed to find that organization attractive as an employer. Employee Branding is quite different. It is the practice of training employees about the brand and establishing HR practices that will reinforce and reward employees’ behaviors that express the brand within and to the outside of the organization.

    Employee branding is a primarily a management practice.
    Employment branding is a primarily a recruitment practice.

    The real place for a conflict of images & messages is not between the product or service brand and the employer brand, but instead between the ‘corporate identity’ and the ’employer brand’.

    I doubt that HR folks feel ‘left out’ and are just now trying to crash the branding party. HR has always been responsible for attracting potential employees by communicating an image of the company as an employer– they are just now using branding language to label their efforts. That’s rather saavy of them, too, because more managers are knowledgeable about marketing than about training and development. [How many MBA programs require an HR class? All of them require Marketing!] The bigger challenge for HR departments is getting involved in internal branding/employee branding programs. If organizations want their brand expressed in everyday behavior by every employee, employees need to be taught about the brand, taught how to express the brand’s attributes in their behavior, and reinforced, supported and rewarded when they do.

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