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This morning I received an emailed newsletter from The Cult Branding Company, a branding consultancy and provider of tons of information on the subject. Despite its rather mundane name, they have done a very good job of practicing what they preach: developing a brand that attracts a cult following.

I clicked through to their website and spent over an hour reading and downloading articles and viewing videos covering cult brands and branding under these subject headings:

Cult Branding
Brand Loyalty
Consumer Behavior
Word of Mouth
Business Life
Brand Modeling
Cult Brand Profiles

In addition to these wonderful resources, BJ Bueno, a founder of The Cult Branding Company, has written a book and an accompanying workbook which can be purchased from the site.

But also, the Cult Branding Workbook in pdf form can be downloaded for free. Just scroll down past the “buy at Amazon” offer.

Even without having the attendant book, the workbook is an invaluable guide to developing a cult brand. Highly recommended.

They also maintain a blog (naturally), and a not-too-frequent newsletter.

I’m a member of this cult and urge you to look into its value for your business.

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