2 thoughts on “Is advertising dead? Not the good stuff.

  1. Good thoughts, Martin.

    I believe that all men and women in advertising business must spend a year or two on creating info-commercials at first. It will boost their effectiveness.

    The problem is that advertising world today still lives in pushy commercials that do not communicate any reason to buy. In info-commercial world it is unbelievable.

    No, it is not necessary that your commercials look like info-commercials, but experience in direct selling is undoubtedly valuable.

    I see a perfect corporation as a CEO who runs a business blog, a PR staff that comes from social media field, an advertising staff that comes from info-commercials agency. It will be very hard to competitors to fight with such marketing team…

  2. Hi Martin,

    Glad to see that you found my Brandchannel article provocative. That’s what the title was meant to do–stir up a bit of controversy and discussion. It’s always important for all of us to step back, look at the big picture and do some thinking from time to time. . .even if we are in the midst of the day-to-day, isn’t it?

    The points I wanted to make are these: not all advertising is dead. Insofar as many conventional media channels are concerned, advertising is not hitting its target audiences, because those audiences are using largely new media and blocking out a great deal of the conventional. Does that mean all advertising should cease? No. As I pointed out, though, a portion of some advertising budgets, ie, those that are not effective in providing a real ROI, ought to be reallocated into packaging. Why? Everyone is a consumer. Retail environments have become overly crowded with a plethora of choices. Much of the category packaging we see is so similar, brands are becoming hard to discern and differentiate, one from another. Thus, it makes sense to spend on packaging. Advertising in general, may help brands to create some consumer mindshare, but many purchase decisions, as many as 70% are actually made at the retail shelf.

    My message: spend less on advertising and more on packaging since consumers are interacting with actual branded products in retail environments. The more emphasis that we put on differentiated packaging, the more discernible one brand is from the myriad other brands out there. Now, doesn’t that sound like a good investment for any company?

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