Historic Brands: Texaco

Early in its history, The Texas Company, adopted the star as the main component in its logo. The firm was founded in 1901 as the first Texas oil boom flourished.

In this series of blogs on historic brands, I�ve visited the web sites of long-standing companies to examine their branding throughout the years. You�ll find the Texaco Brand site very well done, though like most corporate histories it�s a bit self-serving.

branding consistancy pays dividends

The most striking impression I came away with was the consistency and simplicity of the logo. Below are images captured from the site from the years 1909, 1941 and 2000 respectively. Certainly Texaco has modernized the logo and its image � also see the service station shots below � but there�s a consistency that provides strength and continuity to the brand.
Texaco changes while remaining consistent in branding
Aside from the design elements, certain on-going activities such as sponsoring the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts for dozens of years, and providing a platform for comics like Milton Berle, Bob Hope and Jack Benny has enhanced the brand over time.

The lesson here is to keep the brand simple and consistent and it can serve even as it matures, from decade to decade without losing its relevancy.

Martin Jelsema

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