Hire a Copywriter as Brand Strategist

A good copywriter is a strategistSignificant branding value can be provided from an outstanding copywriter.

A copywriter with a strategic bent may identify an undiscovered differentiator within the product, organization or business practice. She’ll ask the right questions. Provide insight and perspective. Have an empathy and understanding of your prospects and their “triggers”. Then, connect strategy with effective tactics.

Now I’m not talking about a hack who writes the TV spots for your local car dealer.

Instead, I’d look for a writer who has cut his teeth on direct response copy. Many of the best-known marketing/branding strategists did just that. I’m talking Jay Abraham, Don Kennedy, Ted Nichols, Jay Levinson, John Reese, Yanik Silver, Michael Fortin and others.

If you discover a copywriter of this caliber, immediately place her on your strategic team.

He will be an idea source, a sounding board and a customer ombudsman.

And probably provide attention-getting and persuasive copy to boot.

I may be biased, having began my career as a part-time ad writer for a weekly newspaper while gaining my degree.

But I’m also confident that this advice will pay off for you.

Martin Jelsema

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