Have a perplexing branding problem?

There’s a modest little web site where you can post your knotty branding questions and get answers from six or more branding pros. It’s called BrandingWire.com.


A posse of pundits have gathered together to be of service to anyone with a legitimate branding problem. I happen to be one of the founding members, blogging from TheBrandingBlog.com. Perhaps we can be of service to you.

We’ve helped several small businesses – a coffee shop, an IT consulting firm, a car dealership. We’ve even critiqued the branding of the resort town of Estes Park, CO (which, incidentally was where I spent the first 14-years of my life).

Anyway, check out BrandingWire. Read over the constructive observations and advice we’ve provided to those who asked. If you want a different perspective or just some insight into your branding issues, you can easily provide a description of your company and your question. If you think it necessary, you can remain anonymous.

Also, you’re invited to become a posse member. All you have to do is ask.

So, pardner, mossy on over to BrandingWire a scout out the territory.

Martin Jelsema

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