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Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

When building a brand platform for the corporate brand, there are several documents which may have already been created as part of a strategic business plan which should also be part of the brand platform.

And as a corollary, many enlightened companies will have incorporated the brand platform into the strategic plan.

After all, branding is, first and foremost, a strategic activity.

Four strategic statementsSo when I suggest the brand platform should contain the corporate mission statement, vision statement, values statement and positioning statement, it is possible they already exist. But if not and your company has not addressed those statements, I’ll define and differentiate them here so there’ll be no confusion as to the function of each and how each affects the corporate brand. Continue reading Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

What’s the big idea?

The Big Idea is the core of the brandIf you’re building a brand, that’s the first question to ask. What is it that sets your business/product/service apart from your competitors?

If you can define a unique idea and you can build a viable business delivering on it, you won’t have any trouble branding it. The idea will be the brand.

That’s what sets Target apart from Kmart, Wal-Mart and all the other discounters in America. Target found an idea: good design. No one else was delivering it, much less claiming it. Today, good design is an attribute the American market is both aware of and appreciative of thanks to Target to a great extent. Continue reading What’s the big idea?