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Branding for Bucks: Your Brand Story

Yesterday, after taking eight blog posts to explain the branding platform and thethis is the tenth post in the series brand vow, I said I�d address naming today. But I forgot a branding activity that really should be tackled before naming your business or product.

That element is your brand story.

It should precede naming because quite often the brand story can trigger name ideas.

So what is a brand story?

For a new business, it probably hinges on why the founders are gung ho about starting up. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: Your Brand Story

Branding for Bucks: the brand promise

Crystalize your brand promiseOkay, we�ve gone through the process of creating a brand platform � check out the series starting with Branding for Bucks: what entrepreneurs should know � so now we�re ready to fashion the first externally oriented branding element, the brand promise.

I really feel it�s more than a promise, though. That�s what most branding experts call it, but I think it�s stronger than a promise. I would rather it be know as the branding vow – as in marriage vow. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: the brand promise

Branding for Bucks: assembling the planks into a brand platform

In previous post I�ve identified the �planks� in a branding platform, that base structure required to develop meaningful, consistent and relation-building brands.

Just to summarize, I�ve listed the planks with links back to the original posts.

Once each of these planks is fleshed out, you and your creative team can begin the first step in the branding process � creating your brand promise.

I promise to speak to that in tomorrow�s blog.

Branding for Bucks: mapping the customer journey

There�s one last major element to the branding platform. Another branding platform plank: branding map

Remember, the platform contains the basis for brand development and growth over time. And this last plank in the platform helps you focus on what�s important to stakeholders, especially prospects and customers.

That element is mapping prospects by means of �touchpoints� with your brand. Here you identify the various ways your brand can be exposed to prospects, and where along the path from no awareness to loyal customer. This may not be a linear path, and it may have many branches. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: mapping the customer journey

Branding for Bucks: the human side of branding

There�s one more plank in the branding platform I haven�t mentioned before that�sdollar icon brands this series really important to a successful brand. It�s the human side of the equation.

It�s defining the market segments you will serve. But not just defining them: understanding what motivates the members of those segments as well.

The platform is a good place to set down on paper market needs, desires and triggers. And if different market segments have different needs and triggers, be sure to identify those differences.

It may be that market research will be required, or you may have already performed this function while conceptualizing the business or product. Just be sure you�re appealing to the segments with meaningful and compelling messaging. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: the human side of branding