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Branding for Bucks: mapping the customer journey

There�s one last major element to the branding platform. Another branding platform plank: branding map

Remember, the platform contains the basis for brand development and growth over time. And this last plank in the platform helps you focus on what�s important to stakeholders, especially prospects and customers.

That element is mapping prospects by means of �touchpoints� with your brand. Here you identify the various ways your brand can be exposed to prospects, and where along the path from no awareness to loyal customer. This may not be a linear path, and it may have many branches. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: mapping the customer journey

Branding for Bucks: the human side of branding

There�s one more plank in the branding platform I haven�t mentioned before that�sdollar icon brands this series really important to a successful brand. It�s the human side of the equation.

It�s defining the market segments you will serve. But not just defining them: understanding what motivates the members of those segments as well.

The platform is a good place to set down on paper market needs, desires and triggers. And if different market segments have different needs and triggers, be sure to identify those differences.

It may be that market research will be required, or you may have already performed this function while conceptualizing the business or product. Just be sure you�re appealing to the segments with meaningful and compelling messaging. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: the human side of branding

Branding for Bucks: defining your vision, mission and values

Three statements convey the essence of brand

These statements are, perhaps, resident in your business plan. They need to be repeated in the brand platform we are building to act as a foundation for all the brand development to follow. They are particularly valuable when developing a corporate brand. A product may or may not require them as they are covered under the corporate brand/identity.

The brand platform should contain your corporate vision statement, your mission statement and your value statement. If they do not already exist, here are some guidelines to help you develop them, as well as reasons to develop them. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: defining your vision, mission and values

Branding for Bucks: vision, mission & value statements

As I mentioned last blog, I believe that branding is part of the fundamental strategic groundwork that dictates your business plan. Several significant elements discussed in the business plan should be highlighted and made the basis of your brand platform.

So I�d look to the business plan for the following information:

What markets segments do I plan to serve and why?
What are the major problems, needs, desires and characteristics of those market segments?
How can I solve their problems and satisfy their desires?
Who else is now attempting to satisfy those needs and desires, and how well are they doing?
How are my competitors now positioned within the marketplace? Continue reading Branding for Bucks: vision, mission & value statements

Branding for Bucks: Begin with a Brand Platform

I�m assuming you�re just beginning to create a business or introduce a product, andBranding for Bucks: the branding platform that you’ve not yet established branding elements.

I�m also assuming you�re astute and have developed a business plan first.

If not, go to this business planning web site and develop one. I don�t care if you�re just opening a diner or monetizing a web site, a business plan is the very first thing any new business builder should build. It sets up your business guidelines upon which all your future decisions and actions will emanate from.

There�s another reason for developing the business plan � much of what it contains is very relevant to building your brand. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: Begin with a Brand Platform

Brand platform: a definition

Brand platform tool kit Those who’ve followed this blog – and a hearty thanks for that – know I’ve been periodically posting about the elements of the brand platform.

While preparing a presentation today, I created a concise definition of the brand platform, and it occurred to me that I have never defined it as distinctly on this blog.

So here’s the most succinct definition I’m capable of authoring” Continue reading Brand platform: a definition