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Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

When building a brand platform for the corporate brand, there are several documents which may have already been created as part of a strategic business plan which should also be part of the brand platform.

And as a corollary, many enlightened companies will have incorporated the brand platform into the strategic plan.

After all, branding is, first and foremost, a strategic activity.

Four strategic statementsSo when I suggest the brand platform should contain the corporate mission statement, vision statement, values statement and positioning statement, it is possible they already exist. But if not and your company has not addressed those statements, I’ll define and differentiate them here so there’ll be no confusion as to the function of each and how each affects the corporate brand. Continue reading Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

Defining the brand platform.

As the name suggests, a brand platform is the foundation upon which an enduring brand can be built. Just as with an engineering project, it is the solid base upon which an enduring structure can rise. And if you think of a platform in a train station, that’s where you begin your journey.

Brand platform is the starting point
A solid base on which an enduring structure  rises.

The branding platform takes into account the various factors that affect a brand. These factors may vary according to industry, product category(s), available supply chains, etc.. And of course, the platform will vary if you’re branding a company, a product, a service, an event or a destination. There is no generic brand platform. But for the most part, the “planks” of a brand platform are these: Continue reading Defining the brand platform.

The brand platform begins with your mission statement

12-30-07-business-hand_writing.jpgIn building a corporate brand, or if you wish call it a corporate identity, I strongly suggest you begin with a brand platform.

The brand platform is a document that encompasses the many components upon which the brand is built. It is a way to focus these diverse elements so your brand can be consistent and relevant to the stakeholders you wish to relate to. Once prepared and approved at the very top management level, the platform should be used as a guide for all branding decisions, strategic and creative. It will also become an integral part of your company’s strategic plan.

Developing the brand platform will mean borrowing some elements from your existing strategic plan, beginning with the mission statement. But in case you’ve never created a mission statement, here are some thoughts about developing your first one. Continue reading The brand platform begins with your mission statement

Branding for Bucks: Your Brand Story

Yesterday, after taking eight blog posts to explain the branding platform and thethis is the tenth post in the series brand vow, I said I�d address naming today. But I forgot a branding activity that really should be tackled before naming your business or product.

That element is your brand story.

It should precede naming because quite often the brand story can trigger name ideas.

So what is a brand story?

For a new business, it probably hinges on why the founders are gung ho about starting up. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: Your Brand Story

Branding for Bucks: the brand promise

Crystalize your brand promiseOkay, we�ve gone through the process of creating a brand platform � check out the series starting with Branding for Bucks: what entrepreneurs should know � so now we�re ready to fashion the first externally oriented branding element, the brand promise.

I really feel it�s more than a promise, though. That�s what most branding experts call it, but I think it�s stronger than a promise. I would rather it be know as the branding vow – as in marriage vow. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: the brand promise

Branding for Bucks: assembling the planks into a brand platform

In previous post I�ve identified the �planks� in a branding platform, that base structure required to develop meaningful, consistent and relation-building brands.

Just to summarize, I�ve listed the planks with links back to the original posts.

Once each of these planks is fleshed out, you and your creative team can begin the first step in the branding process � creating your brand promise.

I promise to speak to that in tomorrow�s blog.