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The power of nostalgia in branding

I’m an old guy.

I remember, almost as if it were yesterday, [tag-tec]brands[/tag-tec] like: The Lone Ranger (on radio), Wild Root Cream Oil, Buster Brown Shoes (and Tige), and Nash.

Buster Brown and his dog TigeI still own a library of lp’s and 45’s – all jazz and most of them re-issues from an earlier age of flappers and hip flasks.

So an article syndicated by Around the Net in Brand Marketing (Marketing Daily from June 10, 2008 –, extracted from the Miami Hearld) really caught my eye.

They are commenting on the growing sales of vinyl albums. Here’s the excerpt that resonates with me: Continue reading The power of nostalgia in branding

Too late to jump on the Green Brand Wagon?

There’s been an avalanche of brands claiming they’re “green”. BrandWeek is now publishing an e-mail called the Green Report. And there’ll be a conclave in Washington about Green Marketing in August sponsored by the American Strategic Management Institute.

The Brand WagonSo the question occurs to me, “Can a company’s green activities differentiate its brand?”
I say NO.

Being environmentally friendly has past that point.

Since everyone participates, just as they did in the 1990’s with the “quality” buzz, you can’t use the term or the actions to differentiate your brand. Continue reading Too late to jump on the Green Brand Wagon?

Branding for fashion? Here’s a resource worth tapping into.

While poking around the BrandWeek web site, I found a series of “Lessons in Branding” from the Fashion Notebook blog. A sample, their latest, is reproduced below.

Product of Steve and Barry’sThere’s a lot of meat here. I’m adding the site to my blogroll even though I do very little in the fashion industry. That’s a world apart from my usual haunts, but in the name of being well-rounded, I offer you Fashion Notebook.

Here’s the sample blog:

“Lessons in Branding: How Steve & Barry’s Does a Lot With a Little” Continue reading Branding for fashion? Here’s a resource worth tapping into.

Branding is in my blood

T.C. “Ted” JelsemaMy dad was an entrepreneur – a successful entrepreneur.

He built, owned and managed two of the most successful businesses in Estes Park, Colorado, prior to the Second World War. For those who’ve never heard of Estes Park, it’s a little mountain resort town at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Anyway my dad, T.C. to his friends, first built (and I mean designed and actually put hammer to nail) The Riverside Ballroom in the 1920’s. It thrived during the “Jazz Age” and through the 1930’s and 40’s with the swing era going full blast. Continue reading Branding is in my blood

Branding implication from latest research

Television still delivers strong brand associations.

But word-of-mouth is stronger in actually influencing purchasing.

These two conclusions come from a research project conducted by ZenithOptimedia in which over 300,000 people were interviewed about more than 4,000 brands. Continue reading Branding implication from latest research

Branding Icons Can be Powerful if Relevant

An umbrella is personalThe following news bulletin was featured in the Media Post advisory today:

“Travelers Insurance is bringing the red umbrella back in a big way: a 35-foot, surprisingly lightweight multifunctional piece of equipment. A deliveryman embarks on a trip to return the red umbrella logo to Travelers. On his way, he keeps kids out of the rain, carries circus members across a stream, and gives two children a ride that would make Mary Poppins jealous.”

I’ve always thought the umbrella was a perfect symbol for an insurance company, and so I’ve a fond place in my heart for Travelers. Continue reading Branding Icons Can be Powerful if Relevant