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Brand package design – where to get inspiration

Though I was encouraged to change majors by a couple of art school professors at the University of Florida, I stuck with the advertising curriculum from the journalism school. So I have some design sense but no formal design education.

Functional packagingSo I rely on graphic designers for the most part, particularly when it comes to the discipline of package design.

Package design is integral and vital to consumer brands where products compete for shelf space. But design also has its technical aspects as well. Can the package be manufactured cost-effectively? Will it provide an optimum number of frontings? Will the package protect the contents and offer an optimum shelf life? How will the package “travel”?

As I was contemplating these thoughts, I began a web search for package design blogs.

There weren’t many, but here are five worth scoping out:

The – leading package design blog. This is truly the leader in so far as number of entries and number of links. It’s an authority site through and through.

The other four include package design but really have a broader focus of general graphics and/or commercial creativity.

Box vox – thoughts on packaging & other design-related stuff
Eyes on Creativity: news and views on all things creative
Veerle’s blog Inspiration Series: Package Design where creatives go to know

So someone with experience in package design could make a name for themselves by creating a packaging authority site. Especially one that emphasized technology, techniques and templates; materials, measurements and methods.

Martin Jelsema

A greener world needs environment-friendly packaging for brands

If you’re company has made a commitment to becoming environmentally friendly, let your customers know it.

And the first place most consumers see that commitment is in your brand’s package. Two things: is it re-cyclible and is it made from re-cycled materials? Continue reading A greener world needs environment-friendly packaging for brands