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Helping your brand become colorful

Since color is such an important tool of branding, I think the blog posting listed below will be a valuable asset for you, particularly if you’re doing your own graphics.

Color goes with brandingThe blog is called Web Hosting Database, or WHDb for short, and the particular post is entitled 101 Color Resources for Web Designers.

It provides links to color forums, color management, color tips, color theory, color tools, color schemes (palettes), web color issues and more.

I could spend the entire day there following the links.

Martin Jelsema

A type font does not a brand make

Over-used type fontsQuite often I see a local retailer or service provider adopt a type face that’s fairly unique as their logo. There’s quite an array of these semi-obscure faces available through sign companies and printers.

They sometimes masquerade under alias names, but these insidious fonts have proliferated until they are no longer unique. Incidentally, the reason for the same font being named differently from different suppliers is that type face designs cannot be copyrighted or patented, but font names can be copyrighted.

But these faces, when presented to the untrained eye as samples in the printer’s list, do appear unique. Continue reading A type font does not a brand make

Criteria for logo development and evaluation

Logo design goes way backCertainly there’s quite a bit of subjective opinion being expressed when it comes to selecting a logo for your brand. Branding is more than designing a logo, but the logo is an important branding element, so it should be evaluated with the same thoroughness as the brand name itself.

Don’t just rely on opinions: Someone doesn’t like a certain color, another thinks the type isn’t distinctive enough, and you think the proportion is all wrong. Well, everyone has a right to their opinion, but for brand elements, professional criteria should reign.

A better way to evaluate and select a logo: Continue reading Criteria for logo development and evaluation

Your brand needs a legible type face…

despite what your graphics designer may say.

One of the most important, but often overlooked elements of branding is typography.

It’s one of those things we usually don’t think about. That is until we run into a type face or a type treatment that just doesn’t “fit”. It’s inappropriate. Or it becomes so demanding of itself that we lose track of the message. Continue reading Your brand needs a legible type face…

Color: a vital element of branding.

Color can contribute to successful brandingColor imparts powerful emotional affects. This is absolutely true with brands.

And in the world of branding, you’ll probably be dealing with combinations of color. So determining the “meanings” of colors is vital. You want to “mix and match” without giving contradictory messages, but you may also want the tension that mixing can provide. Continue reading Color: a vital element of branding.