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Factor your sales force into the branding mix

Building relationshipsDon’t be afraid of giving your sales force the major task of branding your company. More and more we are hearing branding pundits expound on relationship-building as a powerful brand-building activity.

I think this admonition is particularly viable in business-to-business markets.

I’ve previously blogged about North American Manufacturing, the leading company in designing, manufacturing and marketing combustion systems and components. They’ve captured this large market share because their technical experts are customer-focused. They visit customer installations, providing advice, troubleshooting and spreading the “gospel”. Continue reading Factor your sales force into the branding mix

Hire a Copywriter as Brand Strategist

A good copywriter is a strategistSignificant branding value can be provided from an outstanding copywriter.

A copywriter with a strategic bent may identify an undiscovered differentiator within the product, organization or business practice. She’ll ask the right questions. Provide insight and perspective. Have an empathy and understanding of your prospects and their “triggers”. Then, connect strategy with effective tactics.

Now I’m not talking about a hack who writes the TV spots for your local car dealer. Continue reading Hire a Copywriter as Brand Strategist

Corporate identity advertising: mostly biased platitudes?

Beating your corporate identity drumI read a trade article yesterday about a company that was beginning, in their words, “a branding campaign” by sponsoring a supplement in a major newspaper.

It sounded a lot like a campaign type we used to call “Corporate identity advertising”. As an agency rep, we encouraged clients to do corporate identity campaigns. It was good for them and for the agency – we got to place these ads in Fortune, Forbes and Business Week, so we got agency recognition as well as pretty large commissions.

Today, I say every ad a client places is part of a branding campaign. Continue reading Corporate identity advertising: mostly biased platitudes?

Brand associations classified

Brand associations can be viewed at two levels.

First brand architecture, or hierarchies, are the internal methods used by multi-brand operations to align and position their brands, brand families, brand extensions, brand satellites, sub-brands, feature brands and event brands.

Brand associations

In brand architecture, the structure is purely an internal matter. The company will decide upon these associations and develop them. In other words, it’s their fault if consumers misinterpret the associations.

The second level is not as controllable as the first, but nevertheless, brand management can either associate or not associate with various other brands.

There are several ways to associate your brand with others: Continue reading Brand associations classified

Cult branding: how to do it.

During this decade, much has been written and discussed about the phenomenon of “cult brands”.

Cult branding - crusaders march

The two most powerful brands in this category: Harley-Davidson and Apple. I won’t go into all the reasons those two have flourished as cult brands. We can observe their unique presence in our society ourselves.

One that wrote authoritatively about cult branding was BJ Bueno. I whole-heartedly recommend his 2002 book, The Power of Cult Branding (Random House 2002). I recently visited his website and found he had written a companion workbook Cult Branding Workbook. Continue reading Cult branding: how to do it.

Branding franchises: be careful

An article from the Los Angeles Times triggered this post.

Seems Daily Queen and its owner associations are at odds over the need to remodel and reposition their outlets. I won’t get into all the details, but this quote really got me thinking:

 Branding a franchise must be done carefully

“Dairy Queen’s plans center on two relatively new restaurants lines. DQ Grill & Chill establishments would sell meals and desserts, and would expand to include limited table service, among other things. Outlets that sell only Blizzards, Dilly Bars and desserts would combine with the Orange Julius beverage chain to become a DQ/Orange Julius Treat Center.”

Gad. Where’s the focus! Continue reading Branding franchises: be careful