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Naming Brands: a Strategic Act

Quite often an entrepreneur will name their business or product even before they complete a business or marketing plan. For them the name does not have strategic implications or consequences.

But there are many factors to consider when you must “come up with a name”, aside from it being “catchy”.
naming is strategic  Before generating name candidates, ask yourself and your team the following questions: Continue reading Naming Brands: a Strategic Act

A Three-Initial Name Is the Worst Type of Name – By Far

If you are contemplating naming a business with three initials, please think again.

Three-initial names have no personality and they are not memorable

Just pick any three initials for a name that will only cause apathy
Just picking any three initials for a name will only cause apathy

They are usually derived from three generic words that have meaning only to the namer.

CMW, DFI, SLC, GFW: These are three-letter combinations that were registered in one week as corporate names with the Colorado Department of State. Now please participate in this little demonstration: Continue reading A Three-Initial Name Is the Worst Type of Name – By Far

Branding for Bucks: Beginning the naming process

Business naming or product naming deserve all the time it takes to get it right.

Now I will admit some companies thrive with a poor name, just peruse the list of INC 500�s fastest growing companies for proof. But I believe their good fortune will be short-lived.

Try to think of well-managed, poorly named companies that are over 50-years old. You�ll find many mediocre names on that list, but very few duds.

The name can be everything, so make sure it�s right.

Remember in my last Branding for Bucks blog I spotlighted three aspects of success through the naming process: be open-minded, prepare to create and review many, many candidates, and expect to be disappointed at least once or twice when top candidates will not be available.

Then I promised to speak to resources available to create long lists of candidates. I�m going to keep that promise right now, even though it�s been delayed more than a month.

Name Creation resources � Books

Prior to the Internet, the most common and valuable naming resources were thesaurus�s and dictionaries of all types. I personally own over 75 of them: dictionaries of science, mythology, art, philosophy, slang, idioms, clich�s, new words, obsolete words, foreign words, crossword puzzle words and variations on all the above.

I also have an Atlas handy because as I stated at Business Naming Basics, you�ll find a plethora of candidates in the lists of cities and counties from around the world.

But I keep coming back to three major in-print resources � three books that aren�t dictionaries or atlases.

First is Word Menu by Stephen Glazier. In this tome, Ideas and concepts are grouped by subject. Words relating to those subjects are grouped together. For instance, four and a half pages are devoted to �dance�. Thus, you�ve got a mini dictionary/thesaurus on a single subject in just a few pages. And all the words are there.

Next comes Barbara Ann Kipfer�s Roget�s 21st Century Thesaurus in Dictionary Form. Though a very thorough and concise thesaurus, I find its greatest value from a section in the back, the Concept Index. Here under subjects as abstract as �States of Being� to specifics like �Weights and Measures� you�ll find word associations and synonyms that can lead you into some nooks and niches you�d probably not have explored without this comprehensive guide.

And last is the Complete Word Book by Mary A. De Vries. This volume is more wide-ranging than a namer needs, but its lists of action words, prefixes, suffixes, pleasing words, foreign terms, common abbreviations and many more can be reviewed quickly and scraped for name nuggets.

Next post I�ll speak to the resources available as software and as Internet sites. In the meantime you might want to accumulate some of the titles I�ve mentioned here. I suggest you begin, just as I did, by visiting several used book stores, and possibly the Amazon used book associate program. Just type in the book title and click the �used book� button. Under the retail price.

Business Naming is so important that I set up a separate blog just to address company naming. I call it Business Naming Basics. There I provide naming tips as well as discussions of the four major components of acquiring a great corporate name: preparation, generation, evaluation and registration. Check it out � click Business Naming Basics.

Branding for Bucks: preparing to name

the naming processNow we�re ready to tackle the naming process.

Naming your business can be the most excruciating aspect of brand-building – unless you�re prepared for it.

Entrepreneurs are usually impatient and action-oriented, so when it comes to naming they might find themselves �settling� for a second-class name just so they can get on with the �important� matters of business-building. Continue reading Branding for Bucks: preparing to name

This brand name and tagline get five stars

I get a lot of ammunition for this blog from the commercials on TV.

Usually I rant about this name or that tagline. But today I want to praise.

Balance and abilityThe commercial was for Abilify, a prescription medicine aimed at those with bipolar disorders.

What a great promise in a seven-letter coined word!

This is brand naming at its pinnacle. Continue reading This brand name and tagline get five stars