Foundational Illustrations as a Branding Element?

Logos have always been pretty static. Even in the age television, when a logo was animated it retained its identity. But in recent years, there has been a trend toward not only animating by presenting the logo in different forms and formats

Chuck Green, blog master at PagePlane, recently posted about an art gallery in New York City that has taken its logo and morphed it with each of six different web pages. It is pretty slick. It starts with the illustration below.You could see it morph by clicking Charming Wall.

CharmingWall - variable logo

Chuck labeled the technique, “Foundational Illustration” because there is a basic piece of art from which the variations spring.

I commented on Chuck’s blog that I had mixed emotions about this type of logo presentation. When there is no continuity in the logo it will not perform one of its traditional duties with authority; that is providing immediate brand recognition. It does however attract attention and provide a uniqueness which leads to a pleasant and memorable visual treat.

I concluded as long as a great number of advertisers do not use this technique the small number of companies who do use it will find it beneficial. But if people start jumping on this bandwagon, confusion will reign.

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