Evaluating logos and logo designers.

I’ve blogged about logos and the need to keep them simple and unique. Now I know that’s not as simple as I make it out to be. In trying to be more helpful, I found a couple of blogs that may be of some help.

Jack Trout recently blogged at BrandStrategyInsider about Evaluating Brands.

Then PonderMarketing provided five criteria as well as pointed us to some trends in logo design uncovered by OrangeLogo.

First I must say I agree with just about anything Jack Trout writes. He’s a realist and a performance-based practitioner. His main point: it’s all about the name. That is, the logo must support and be associated with the name. Other considerations- legibility, shape, color and proportion are important as well, but supporting the name is the main consideration.

Joe Tosolt writing at PonderMarketing presents five very practical criteria as well. They are: must look good at any size, be attractive in color and in black and white, be “reasonably” memorable, be appropriate for the business, and kept simple.

LogoOrange identifies 10 logo trends

Joe also points us to a great website, LogoOrange, where their design team identified 10 logo design trends in 2008. It’s worth taking a look at that article, but not for the reason you think. Logos need a long life, not a design someone can identify as a 2008 logo. So look at the pretty logos- most are exceptional designs -but do so with the idea of showing your designer what to stay away from.

Don’t get caught up in approving a “transparent” logo or a “wave” logo just because they’re today’s pets. If your designer insists, I’d find another designer.

Martin Jelsema

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