Establish a branding organization with a manifesto.

There’s one more aspect of the corporate brand platform having to do with the company’s interior.

Another plank in the brandplatform - organizational commitmentI’ve covered the three statements – mission, vision and value, then discussed core values, corporate culture and corporate drivers in previous blogs.

The last corporate-derived element is a description of the branding organization. 

The role of branding and the priorities given to branding should be spelled out in a manifesto that will become a plank in the corporate branding platform.

The document will address who’s in charge and what powers will the executive committee accede to that person/function. Also, will branding emanate from marketing or product management or the executive office? Will there be brand managers and what would that job description look like?

This element is not about individuals or titles or who reports to whom so much as it is about the company’s philosophy and the importance of branding. This can be a pretty nebulous area, but it’s important for executives really define the role of branding within the company.

It should probably be a subject of debate and discussion in a full day’s meeting and brainstorming session which should include the CEO and other execs. From that meeting, a single page branding manifesto should emerge.

With the manifesto in place, the internal portion of the brand platform is in place.

Next in the building of a brand platform, I’ll address stakeholders, target markets and market segmentation.

Martin Jelsema

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