Employment branding: the HR department’s perspective on branding?

Include HR in brand-building processI wrote about employment branding last week.

I’ve since read a bit more about it and its goals. Employment branding is a product of HR professionals to a great extent, but the concept of branding to influence stakeholders (Employees are stakeholders, too.) is certainly valid.

But I still don’t see the need for a separate branding effort just for employees.

I do see the need to include HR people and the corporation’s employee retention and motivation goals in the building of the corporate brand. Also, to factor in the brand’s influence on recruiting can be significant.

In fact, I hadn’t considered just how important the communication of brand had on employees other than to make the employee more responsive to customers and reflect positively on the brand. I was fully on board with the idea that “employees ARE the brand” no matter what their function within the organization. They can become ambassadors of the company and its values and messages throughout their business and social activities.

One article came up that really laid out the importance of communicating the brand to and through employees. It listed 21 different benefits of employee branding. You can read this fine article about Employment Branding by clicking here.

One thing the article made a point of that I strongly agree with: branding is a long-term strategy that can be used in recruiting as well as educating, motivating and energizing current employees.

For me, I will be sure to recommend a strong representative from human relations the next time I help a client form a brand development team. Their perspective is valuable to the company brand, and I believe it will be stronger because of it.

Martin Jelsema

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