Down-to-Earth Commentary about Branding from the Ivory Tower

Academic commenting on real branding issuesI’ve just discovered a new web site with some fine insights into the current branding and marketing approaches of the big companies.

I reached it through bNet, an authority site for business issues and trends.

Specifically, their framed site, The View from Harvard Business. There I picked a category, Marketing, and found a treasure trove of blog postings by Sean Silverthorne, editor of HBS Working Knowledge. His blogs address current branding issues and implications of technology on branding and marketing. Good stuff. And not just for academics and big-business gurus, either.

For instance, the current article on how JetBlue recovered from their recent delay/cancelation fiasco during a storm in New York provides some pointers on how any business might recover from catastrophic blows to their brands.

Or insight into the question, “Does Social Networking Destroy Brands”

Here’s comment from the academic side, but presented with real-life and practical application.

I’ve bookmarked the site and will continue to visit often.

Martin Jelsema

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