Differentiate or Die: recommended reading

As I spend some time discoursing on brand differentiation, I thought readers might like an authoritative source on the subject.

The best I know is the book, Differentiate or Die. It’s written by Jack Trout, the co-author with Al Ries of the ground-breaking book, Positioning: the Battle for Your Mind. For Differentiate or Die, Jack teams up with Steve Rivkin.

If you go to Jack’s web site you’ll also see he has recently updated the book.

The book is an easy read even though it covers some complex issues and concepts. It attempts to demonstrate both the necessity and possible approaches to developing a differentiating strategy.

Since I’ve gone out on a limb and suggested that differentiation is the most important plank of a brand platform, I’ll write several blogs on the subject, and I’ll use Differentiate or Die as a jumping off spot. In fact, I’ll quote their words frequently.

Martin Jelsema

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