Defining Brand Promise

We have all made promises, so defining a brand promise shouldn’t be too difficult. So we may ask the question, “why do we need a definition in the first place?”

Brand promise - first branding element to consider

Because the brand promise is the most important aspect of a brand.

The promise is the essense of the brand delivered.

The promise is the expectation you’ve given your market members over time. It’s what you want to be remembered for. It’s your uniqueness. It’s how you differentiate your brand from your competitors. It’s what gets the attention of buyers. It’s what generates desire and invokes favorable emotions.

There’s also an element of longevity associated with the promise. The promise says consistancy. Buy the brand tomorrow and the brand promise will again be fulfilled.

The promise being fulfilled time after time is what makes loyal customers.

Yes, the brand promise is the essence of the brand delivered.

That’s my definition, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Martin Jelsema

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