Cult branding: how to do it.

During this decade, much has been written and discussed about the phenomenon of “cult brands”.

Cult branding - crusaders march

The two most powerful brands in this category: Harley-Davidson and Apple. I won’t go into all the reasons those two have flourished as cult brands. We can observe their unique presence in our society ourselves.

One that wrote authoritatively about cult branding was BJ Bueno. I whole-heartedly recommend his 2002 book, The Power of Cult Branding (Random House 2002). I recently visited his website and found he had written a companion workbook Cult Branding Workbook.

Here’s a quote from the web site: “In this practical, step-by-step guide, you’ll be walked through the process of developing a brand your primary customers will love. From crafting your Brand Lover statement to understanding the basic human needs of your customer, you’ll learn what it takes to cultivate true brand loyalty.”

And here’s a snippit to motivate you to go to the Cult Branding web site:

“The seven steps of this brand discovery process are:

“Step 1: Determine Where You Are Now
“Step 2: Discover your Brand Lover
“Step 3: Understand Your Brand Lover’s Human Needs
“Step 4: Address your Key Touch Points
“Step 5: Translate Your Ideas into Creative Communication
“Step 6: Train your Organization
“Step 7: Put your Knowledge to Work”

Once you get to the site, you’ll find a surprise: the workbook can be purchased from Amazon, or downloaded free as a pdf.

A great resource either way.

Martin Jelsema

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