Coined word brand names: make them easy to take in

Selling prescription drugsNaming can be tricky. Especially when you’re branding with a coined word name

Here’s an example: there’s a prescription drug on the market that’s pronounced acifex, according to the voice-over in the commercial. Yet it’s spelled AcipHex.

Now with no prompting, wouldn’t you pronounce the word acip-hex? I would. That’s because of the uppercase H making me think there are two words.

I have no idea why they capitalized the H. From what I know about prescription drug naming, they did a bit of name preference research prior to committing to AcipHex, pronounced acifex. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I think the brand suffers with a name like that.

I have no problem with coined word names. But I make sure the ones I create are easily pronounced and easily spelled. And I’ll usually recommend they are pronounced as they’re spelled. Everything should mesh. Be integrated and coherent.

That’s my stand.

Martin Jelsema

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