Coined brand names are long-range investments.

Just a little pub about coined namesReviewing Internet resources for branding ideas and trends, I ran across a site by NEONYM. It’s a wonderful resource if you’re into the naming process.

But first a question: what’s a NEONYM?

Second, how do you pronounce it?

Most people struggle with meaning and pronunciation when first confronted by a new coined word/name.

That’s why name preference studies almost always show “regular” words are preferred over coined words when respondents are given a choice.

You have to think about them and at least mentally pronounce the letters until they actually form a word. Some can’t be bothered.

Then there’s the problem of memory. It usually takes at least 10-12 times of being exposed to a coined word before it associates with a product or company, and even longer before the mind can confidently attach an immediate and consistent pronunciation to it.

The good news, however, is that once entrenched, it becomes a unique and memorable label.

Now let’s get back to the naming resource named NEONYM.

First NEONYM is a naming service. But the web site contains several resources free for anyone considering naming and then trademarking that name.

There’s a really comprehensive glossary of naming terms, both linguistic and legalistic.

There’s a resource list with some really valuable data sources such as URL’s for state corporate registrations, the address of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, several idea-generating sites and a couple of surprises.

Peter Karlin, NEONYM’s founder wrote and compiled a book called The Art of Naming: NEONYM Creative Guide to Selecting Names and Trademarks. Of course it’s being sold on this website, but also Karlin has excerpted several sections you can read on-line. Just those several pages are worth a visit to the site, and to entice you to want more.

Anyway, even if you haven’t begun to reflexively pronounce NEONYM as yet, the web site will reward your time in visiting.

Martin Jelsema

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