2 thoughts on “Branding Microsoft via Seinfeld’s “show about nothing”

  1. I can see where you are coming from with this but, I have to disagree to an extent.

    I believe that the ad is speaking to personal pc users in general.

    No, they really to relay a specific message but I believe they are doing a good job of re-branding Microsoft to be a personable company which may help regain the trust after Vista.

    Just my $.02.

  2. CJ: You might note that Microsoft has changed the campaign considerably since the Seinfeld ad. The newest commercial fits more with your observation about re-branding to be “more personable”.

    Yet, even with all their resources, as a cynic and realist, I believe commercials are the last step in re-branding. Their product and their service needs to become first-rate first. Then their commercials can point to real accomplishments, not to people who bought PCs and Vista because they didn’t have the experience or the money to buy Apple. (PS: I’m a Microsoft user – XP Pro is my operating system and it’s “OK”.) Martin

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