Branding Icons Can be Powerful if Relevant

An umbrella is personalThe following news bulletin was featured in the Media Post advisory today:

“Travelers Insurance is bringing the red umbrella back in a big way: a 35-foot, surprisingly lightweight multifunctional piece of equipment. A deliveryman embarks on a trip to return the red umbrella logo to Travelers. On his way, he keeps kids out of the rain, carries circus members across a stream, and gives two children a ride that would make Mary Poppins jealous.”

I’ve always thought the umbrella was a perfect symbol for an insurance company, and so I’ve a fond place in my heart for Travelers.

Even though the “Rock” of Prudential is appropriate, I’ve felt it was a little to “stony” for a humanistic business like insurance. And it relates to itself, not the consumer. And that goes for the Hartford stag as well. I’m not saying they’re not good identifiers, it’s just that they don’t have the human protective quality of the umbrella.

Martin Jelsema

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