Branding for Bucks: preparing to name

the naming processNow we�re ready to tackle the naming process.

Naming your business can be the most excruciating aspect of brand-building – unless you�re prepared for it.

Entrepreneurs are usually impatient and action-oriented, so when it comes to naming they might find themselves �settling� for a second-class name just so they can get on with the �important� matters of business-building.

They may have had a name in mind since the inception of the business idea, and now they�re married to it. Or they may be aware of the frustration of creating, assessing and screening name candidates through many iterations, so they take the �easy way out� and come up with a three-word name that �describes� the business.

I believe the name is the most important element of a brand and should be treated as such. To develop a name that stands apart and truly represents the brand, I believe you should start the process with a particular mind set.

I�ve found three major ideas that can help you adopt a �killer� name with the least amount of angst. When my clients adopt this attitude, I�ve found the process and the results can be satisfying and productive.

  1. Through the entire process, keep an open mind. Quite often the best ideas come from the frustration of rejecting a hundred candidates or more. Also, don�t reject a candidate out of hand. The name may grow on you, or it may trigger additional ideas that lead to fruitful candidates.
  2. Initially, prepare a long, long list of candidates. And keep adding to it even after you think you�ve done enough. This stretches your creative energies as well as opens avenues you�d not think of early on. In addition, use many sources of candidates and ideas. I�ll suggest some sources in a future Branding for Bucks post.
  3. Be prepared for disappointment. In the early evaluation stages, be sure to isolate five or more name candidates that meet your criteria. For various reasons, three-quarters or more will not be available to you. So don�t get really married to a candidate until after it passes the tests for suitability and availability.

You can keep moving through the naming process at a fast clip, but don�t let frustration lead you to a second-class name. Because the name will become your most important asset as time passes. Make sure it�s right the first time.

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