Branding for Bucks: mapping the customer journey

There�s one last major element to the branding platform. Another branding platform plank: branding map

Remember, the platform contains the basis for brand development and growth over time. And this last plank in the platform helps you focus on what�s important to stakeholders, especially prospects and customers.

That element is mapping prospects by means of �touchpoints� with your brand. Here you identify the various ways your brand can be exposed to prospects, and where along the path from no awareness to loyal customer. This may not be a linear path, and it may have many branches.

The first step in this mapping process is to identify all the probable ways you will have to �touch� prospects. List the media you may use, the types of messaging you�ll employ, the relationship-building activities you�ll have at your disposal. Even if you don�t plan to use them all, make the list comprehensive.

Next, walk through the prospect�s various routes to get from an unaware prospect to becoming a customer and beyond. Since there will be different routes, such as someone being referred by an enthusiastic customer while another reads a pr placement in a magazine, try to visualize the major ones. And be sure to include all the touchpoints with customers such as receptionist greetings, appointment-confirming phone calls and service desk conduct.

Now you�ll want to match up you materials and messages with the touchpoint opportunities. The diagram may look something like an aerial view of a train switch yard.

uniting customer movement through the sales process with branding opportunities

A graphic symbol of the brand mapping process
You�ve now gathered and/or created the planks you�ll need to develop a clear and consistent branding platform upon which a strong and consistent brand that has relevance and resonance with your prospects and customers. I�ll cover how it all fits together next time.

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