Branding for Bucks: Begin with a Brand Platform

I�m assuming you�re just beginning to create a business or introduce a product, andBranding for Bucks: the branding platform that you’ve not yet established branding elements.

I�m also assuming you�re astute and have developed a business plan first.

If not, go to this business planning web site and develop one. I don�t care if you�re just opening a diner or monetizing a web site, a business plan is the very first thing any new business builder should build. It sets up your business guidelines upon which all your future decisions and actions will emanate from.

There�s another reason for developing the business plan � much of what it contains is very relevant to building your brand.

Your plan will contain some specific components that you�ll apply to your branding platform.

What�s a branding platform? It could be a subset of your business plan, or it could be treated as a separate document. Either way, the brand platform provides guidelines upon which all your future decisions and actions will emanate from. (Is there an echo in here?)

The brand platform will help you differentiate your business from your competitors in ways that are important to your future customers. It will provide the basis for all decisions concerning the development and management of the brand for years to come. It will enable you to establish a consistent and meaningful brand � a brand that will grow stronger over time because it�s focused.

That�s why you need a brand platform before creating any element of the brand, including the name.

Well, that�s enough to chew on for today. If you�ve not considered developing a brand platform, please make that your next decision � yes to a solid foundation based upon a brand platform.

Tomorrow I�ll suggest the elements (the planks) that will make up a structurally sound branding platform.

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