BrandChannel: It Bridges the Gap Between the Pragmatic and the Academic

If you’ve an interest in branding and haven’t discovered the BrandChannel, you’re missing a very valuable resource.

It’s a library and archive of academic papers, practical ideas, news trends, a directory of resources, a job posting and a sounding board where you can comment on branding subjects controversial and topical. Featured content changes weekly, and you can sign up for weekly notifications of the site’s update.

I’d say, until the Signature Strategies matures a bit, the BrandChannel is tops on the branding landscape. You might think this would be so when I tell you it’s a product of Interbrand. They’re the folks who rank global brands by brand value using a scheme they’ve developed and honed for several years. They’re also one of the premier brand consulting services with offices worldwide.

Though many of the papers they publish are too sophisticated for a small business, they do post some pragmatic material as well. I’ve had two papers published by BrandChannel, one on positioning research, the second on performing a brand audit..

So spend some time at this site if you’re serious about branding. Just click BrandChannel to go there now.

One thought on “BrandChannel: It Bridges the Gap Between the Pragmatic and the Academic

  1. I certainly agree that Brand Channel is valuable. For me the thing I lok to first every week is the debate page. Even if I don’t join in, I enjoy the diversity of opinions.

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