Brand Simple: Brand from the Heart

Yesterday I blogged about the abstraction ladder and concluded that the branding without abstractions delivers the strongest, most relevant and most endearing brands.

That brought to mind a book by Allen P. Adamson, Managing Director at Landor Associates. Its title: BrandSimple.

Here is a guy with all the resources, all the talent to produce the most elaborate high fashion, high tech materials for his clients recommending to these very sophisticated marketers to brand simple!

His idea is really to brand with truth – to let your consumer base know who you truly are. Another way to say that: brand from the heart.

Branding from the HeartIn fact, that is my mantra from now on.

Brand from the Heart

In this age of hype, of slick commercials with hip images and cool sounds, isn’t it refreshing to hear credible messages delivered like Sprint was recently done with their CEO looking you in the eye, not boasting, not appearing to be reading some copywriter’s babble.

That’s branding from the heart.

The more of it we advise clients to do, the better those brands will succeed.

Please get the book. It’s a regular “seminar in print” about how to create a great brand.

Martin Jelsema

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