Brand platform: a definition

Brand platform tool kit Those who’ve followed this blog – and a hearty thanks for that – know I’ve been periodically posting about the elements of the brand platform.

While preparing a presentation today, I created a concise definition of the brand platform, and it occurred to me that I have never defined it as distinctly on this blog.

So here’s the most succinct definition I’m capable of authoring”

The Branding Platform is a strategic document that describes the foundation of the brand and focuses branding activities. It encompasses internal, competitive, stakeholder and touchpoint considerations at the strategic level.

The Branding Platform provides direction for management decision-making concerning brand-related issues and activities, and provides a framework for the creation of branding elements. It also defines the position management wishes the brand to occupy in the minds of marketplace members.

So, there you are.

I’d like to know if you found it accurate, eye-opening, vague or undisciplined. Please comment below.

Martin Jelsema

3 thoughts on “Brand platform: a definition

  1. Thank you Mr. Jelsema for speaking with me personally on the value of utilizing the branding platform. I will present this information to my administrative team.

  2. Martin,
    Thank you for a clear definition of a ‘Brand Platform.’ Your definition is complete. In simple, straight-forward language you have described the ‘what,’ the ‘why,’ and the ‘how’ of a brand platform. Bravo!

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