One thought on “A brand palette can help ensure continuity

  1. Haha… if you only knew how well you’ve pinpointed my current thinking.

    A couple of weeks ago I invited fifty designers — experienced and inexperienced — to join me in an experimental, online workshop on logo design. I call it experimental because I have no idea where we’ll end up at the finish. The initial idea was to help a new designer take a studied look at the process of logo design — but the experience is morphing as we move forward.

    I tell you that because the process has made me re-think lots of what I know about branding and design — there’s nothing like the responsibility of explaining something to get you focused what you really believe. As I define my particular methods, I can tell you that your idea of a branding palette is the natural result of that process.

    I love the simplicity with which Seth Goden says it, “A great logo doesn’t mean anything until the brand makes it worth something.” It is impossible to define imagery and colors and type outside the architecture of the brand.

    Thanks for marking the path.

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