Brand MasterClass is worth your time

p-12-23-07-mootee-presentation.jpgThe slide show equivalent to UTube for videos is called SlideShare.

There you can find many presentations having to do with branding. Many are educational and worthwhile. Others are blatantly self-serving sales pitches. But it’s interesting to sift them out and get to the really meaty material.

One set of six presentations produced by Idris Mootee is of extreme value as a basic brand-learning tool. If you’ve got people in your organization who don’t know the value or the process of branding, send them here.

His series is called Brand MasterClass and you can begin at the first presentation by clicking its name. Very comprehensive but concise handling of this complex topic.

I also found Mr. Mootee’s blog to be intriguing and full of solid content. It’s called Innovative Playground.

Hope you’ll find this info as valuable as I did.

Martin Jelsema

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