Brand Guru? Not every blogger is an expert.

I wonder if this wasn’t the author of the terrible logo article I’m citing?As I scanned my Google Alert citations this afternoon, I found a promising article title about logo design. But when I got there, here’s what I found:

“Following are some of the advantages of a corporate Logo:


“2. HELPS IN BUSINESS: Logo helps in creating business for the organization, as it provides an emblem of recognition for the company.

“3. GIVES COMFORT: It is much more comfortable to use a reduced form of company details than displaying and giving out leaflets.

“4. SAVES COST: A logo needs not carry the name of the organization in total. Initials of the name of the organization can be used thereby reducing the cost of printing.”

Number 4 is the one that really set me off. How in the world does the size of an organization’s name affect the cost of printing it?

Pathetic! This pretender is an air-head. The entire article is absolutely worthless. I won’t give you the link to the site that concocted this poppycock. They don’t deserve even panning publicity.

It just goes to show – experts aren’t the only ones posting on the web. So don’t take every piece of advice you see there to heart. Some really pitiful stuff gets communicated from pretenders out for a quick buck.

Be careful. Spend more time here.

Martin Jelsema

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