Blogging Is Branding: a novel idea

Blogging is BrandingI get around the web a lot thanks to Google Alerts.

And I ran into this blog and took the liberty of reproducing the writer’s first paragraph. I invite you to then follow the link to read the rest of it. The blog is called Marketing Tools for Authors, Writers and Entrepreneurs.

I quote…”Blogging is branding. Branding allows your audience to see your expertise through your own unique blogging personality. It also shows your business’ uniqueness in the market place and clearly demonstrates how you are different from your competitors. The value of blogging…” Click here to read the entire Blogging is Branding post.

I had never thought of blogging as branding. I have incorporated blogging into my arsenal of branding elements as another form to carry the message. And of course I’ve thought about branding my blog. But the concept of blogging being branding, well it’s fresh and food for thought.

Martin Jelsema

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