Beware the personal branding guru w/o credendials

Branding has become a concern and a priority for Internet marketers in the past several years.

And so has personal branding. And to advise entrepreneurs and smaller businesses about these new and unique types of branding, here come a whole passel of newly-appointed gurus. Just as personal coaches and mentors have become important to any business person eight-ten years ago, there’s been a proliferation of personal branding consultants.

I have no idea how extensive and pervasive branding as a term will become. I do know a few people in the advisory business that have no business advising about branding. I’m not advocating a certification of branding consultants at present. But I will warn folks that there are plenty of so-called advisors who’ve not read more than one book of branding before hanging up a shingle.

So I’m just saying, be a little skeptical. Get a list of clients from them. And ask them for a proposal with deliverables detailed. Buyer beware.

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