Beware of naming your company with over-used words

There are some words that have been endlessly abused and are no longer fit for human consumption. They’ve become stale and meaningless.

Some words can put you to sleepAnd in that class are words that end up in generic-type company names.

You know those names: they usually consist of three multisyllabic words that attempt to describe the business and at the same time make the company appear to be at the top of their category. These names start with or contain overworked words like “Quality”, Precision”, Performance, “Advanced”.

Because they’re over-used they have lost their meaning. They get lost in the static and become generic, milk-toast names that neither defines nor differentiate the companies that adopt them.

We know the definitions of those words, but once they become parts of long, unmemorable names like Superior Precision Systems or Allied Global Engineering or Dynamic Electronic Solutions, they lose all meaning.

So if you’re naming a new business, my advice is to chose your words carefully and keep them short and active. Then go to a metropolitan phone directory and see how many other business name use the same word you chose as your name’s first word. If it’s more than five, find a new word.

And better yet, see if you can’t come up with a one or two word name in which neither is more than two syllables.

Martin Jelsema

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