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Three criteria for a good logo

A bad logoEric Karjaluoto of smashLAB Inc blogs at ideasonideas. He and his group designed a little booklet to help folks understand a bit more about logos. You can get a copy by clicking here on smashLAB.

One excerpt asks the question, “What makes a good logo?”

That’s difficult to answer because it touches so many levels of perception and communication. Well, Eric has winnowed it down to three criteria which I wholeheartedly can agree with. Those criteria, along with my comments, are: Continue reading Three criteria for a good logo

Hire a Copywriter as Brand Strategist

A good copywriter is a strategistSignificant branding value can be provided from an outstanding copywriter.

A copywriter with a strategic bent may identify an undiscovered differentiator within the product, organization or business practice. She’ll ask the right questions. Provide insight and perspective. Have an empathy and understanding of your prospects and their “triggers”. Then, connect strategy with effective tactics.

Now I’m not talking about a hack who writes the TV spots for your local car dealer. Continue reading Hire a Copywriter as Brand Strategist

Branding implication from latest research

Television still delivers strong brand associations.

But word-of-mouth is stronger in actually influencing purchasing.

These two conclusions come from a research project conducted by ZenithOptimedia in which over 300,000 people were interviewed about more than 4,000 brands. Continue reading Branding implication from latest research

Branding Icons Can be Powerful if Relevant

An umbrella is personalThe following news bulletin was featured in the Media Post advisory today:

“Travelers Insurance is bringing the red umbrella back in a big way: a 35-foot, surprisingly lightweight multifunctional piece of equipment. A deliveryman embarks on a trip to return the red umbrella logo to Travelers. On his way, he keeps kids out of the rain, carries circus members across a stream, and gives two children a ride that would make Mary Poppins jealous.”

I’ve always thought the umbrella was a perfect symbol for an insurance company, and so I’ve a fond place in my heart for Travelers. Continue reading Branding Icons Can be Powerful if Relevant

Differentiate your brand by specializing

Specialized equipment does a better jobWhen thinking about the differentiator plank in your brand platform, consider specialization rather than breadth of product line.

Breadth of product line is not a very good differentiator for the same reasons price and quality aren’t good differentiators – they can all be copied by competitors. Even if you’re the first to establish a broad line, (i.e., a shampoo for every conceivable hair type and condition) other will not only follow but find additional types and conditions you hadn’t even thought of. Continue reading Differentiate your brand by specializing

Find a branding position you can own

A positioning plotFirst of all, that means a position no one else in your product category (or adjacent categories) has already occupied.

Once it’s some one else’s, a position can’t be yours no matter how many resources you throw into the fray. It’s just not worth trying to unseat a competitor from their established position. And even if you do manage to dilute your competitor’s claim to that position, you still don’t own it. You’ve just established your own diluted claim along with that of your competitor.

So how do you find your own position? Continue reading Find a branding position you can own