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Branding for fashion? Here’s a resource worth tapping into.

While poking around the BrandWeek web site, I found a series of “Lessons in Branding” from the Fashion Notebook blog. A sample, their latest, is reproduced below.

Product of Steve and Barry’sThere’s a lot of meat here. I’m adding the site to my blogroll even though I do very little in the fashion industry. That’s a world apart from my usual haunts, but in the name of being well-rounded, I offer you Fashion Notebook.

Here’s the sample blog:

“Lessons in Branding: How Steve & Barry’s Does a Lot With a Little” Continue reading Branding for fashion? Here’s a resource worth tapping into.

Helping your brand become colorful

Since color is such an important tool of branding, I think the blog posting listed below will be a valuable asset for you, particularly if you’re doing your own graphics.

Color goes with brandingThe blog is called Web Hosting Database, or WHDb for short, and the particular post is entitled 101 Color Resources for Web Designers.

It provides links to color forums, color management, color tips, color theory, color tools, color schemes (palettes), web color issues and more.

I could spend the entire day there following the links.

Martin Jelsema

This brand name and tagline get five stars

I get a lot of ammunition for this blog from the commercials on TV.

Usually I rant about this name or that tagline. But today I want to praise.

Balance and abilityThe commercial was for Abilify, a prescription medicine aimed at those with bipolar disorders.

What a great promise in a seven-letter coined word!

This is brand naming at its pinnacle. Continue reading This brand name and tagline get five stars

Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass

Want a top-notch branding resource?

Here’s a site, Innovation Playground, that’s jam-packed with solid strategic content. The site owner is Idris Mootee, “a business and innovation strategist”.

I’m particularly excited about his eight-part slide show entitled, Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass.

At Innovation Playground you’ll get the text of the material. The slides that go with the text are located on the social site called SlideShare.

Martin Jelsema

Brand platform: a definition

Brand platform tool kit Those who’ve followed this blog – and a hearty thanks for that – know I’ve been periodically posting about the elements of the brand platform.

While preparing a presentation today, I created a concise definition of the brand platform, and it occurred to me that I have never defined it as distinctly on this blog.

So here’s the most succinct definition I’m capable of authoring” Continue reading Brand platform: a definition