An effective brand produces tension and buzz

Tension makes for strong brandsIt’s frustrating when clients opt for the familiar rather than the unique.

They may resort to an informal “market research” poll to determine if a unique brand concept is “meaningful”. The results are obvious: friends and associates go with the familiar rather than the unique. They do this because they don’t want to encourage the entrepreneur to take a bigger chance than he or she already has.

The research is usually instigated because many entrepreneurs are not comfortable with a fresh branding concept in the first place. They, too are seeking comfort just as intensely as they are novelty. And though they wish their brand to stand out, they don’t want to offend anyone. So comfort often wins out at the expense of a differentiated brand, and the brand never raises above the static.

Commonality has never generated buzz.

Novelty in face of conformity produces tension, and if there’s anything that produces buzz it’s tension. So a little discomfort in the branding process is both healthy and effective.

Go for it!

Martin Jelsema

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