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Martin Jelsema, CEO, Signature StrategiesI’m Martin Jelsema, founder and CEO of the branding consultancy named Signature Strategies. We’ve been around since 1994 helping smaller companies profit from the power of branding.

It’s time we began sharing the knowledge and experience. I’ve been in the advertising and marketing communications business for just about 50-years now, so there’s quite a bit to share.

This site will become what is known on the Internet as an “authority site”. That means we’ll accumulate a whole bunch of focused information of all types – articles, blog posts, white papers, presentations, guidelines podcasts, videos and checklists you can use to sharpen your branding skills.

We’ll discuss branding strategies, positioning, brand management, brand equity and value and market research in addressing the strategic aspects of branding and corporate identity. We’ll also speak to the creative side – naming, logo design, graphic standards development, packaging, tagline generation and  marketing material production. Then we’ll provide some fascinating downloads in the form of checklists, guidelines, worksheets – even uniquely designed fonts.

If you’re looking for some help in developing a brand for your business or for a client, please consider contacting us personally. We do offer a free hour of consultation, and then if you’re interested, we can make a proposal based specifically on your branding needs. Find out more about our services by clicking Signature Strategies.

We hope you’ll keep coming back here for your regular dose of branding knowledge. And to ensure you find us, please bookmark the site and/or sign up for our RSS feed. You can also get a summary email of the topics posted here every week. Just sign up for our advisories.

Here’s hoping you’ll find what you need at www.SignatureStrategies.com

Your host,

Martin Jeslema

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I found out about your site through David Olsen’s hosting site . You have a lot to offer here that is and will be helpful. I am just getting going myself, but I am sure that I will be returning to visit to get more and more helpful data.

  2. Hi Martin,

    I was going through your website and must admit that it speaks a lot about your experience.

    We are a technology company and and wish to get a brand name for a product we are about to launch.

    I wanted to know the process by which we can utilize your services and experience.

    Looking forward to your response.

  3. I’m curious and bit perplexed. Why would you move away from “Branding Blog” to “Signature Strategies”? Signature Strategies could be any type of consulting business under the sun, while Branding Blog is precisely what it says it is.

  4. John: The business name and the web site, http://www.signaturestrategies.com, are both older and much more unique than The Branding Blog. The Brand Blog has only one thing more desirable the Signature Strategies: the keyword is in the domain name. But balancing this with the maturity of Signature Strategies as a domain name, it’s pretty much a wash according to my SEO mentor.

    In addition, there exists a BrandingBlog.com, YoungsBrandingBlog.com and other similar names. I opt for uniqueness and relevancy in a name, and Signature Strategies has both while TheBrandingBlog only one.

    I do not think a name must, or even should, describe your business. It should be relevant but more suggestive than descriptive.

    Descriptive names are usually pretty drab: just like The Brand Blog.

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