A new blog about branding surfaced in Australia

A friend from Down UnderIt’s the blog of Heywood Innovation, “a successful Sydney-based creative consultancy operating in Australia and Singapore”.

They’ve only posted 15-20 blogs so far and the content is no-nonsense basics. Here’s an example:

“The positioning statement delivers a quick, concise and meaningful message to a potential consumer which complements the brand name and visual identity and helps consumers to understand the personality of the brand. Positioning statements are generally drawn from one of five categories:
“> what you are
“> what you do
“> how you do it
“> who you are
“> why you do it”

Well, I would have liked some examples at least. It’s a well-designed site that may just become a valuable voice for branding “Down Under”.

I’d just ask Tony Heywood and the folks responsible for the blog to “lighten up” a little and share their experiences along with the text-book content.

Martin Jelsema

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