A greener world needs environment-friendly packaging for brands

If you’re company has made a commitment to becoming environmentally friendly, let your customers know it.

And the first place most consumers see that commitment is in your brand’s package. Two things: is it re-cyclible and is it made from re-cycled materials?

If both or either, state so on the package.

That’s minimum.

Maximum might be to do away with the package all together. That’s easier for some products than others. Teddy bears and books are on the easy end of the spectrum, frozen veggies and shampoos reside on the difficult end.

Somewhere in between you can probably find an answer. I read recently that thirty-percent of all corrugated cardboard is now fabricated from re-cycled paper fiber. Perhaps your product could go in that direction. Corrugated board in itself might appeal to who like the “outdoorsy” rough and ready look. Even feminine products can be appealing and appropriate when packaged in plain board or paper.

The point is: look for the new innovations in environmentally-friendly packaging if your business wants to get on the green bandwagon.

It’s a good place to be. 

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