BrandingWire can address your most puzzling branding questions.

A group of branding “experts” called the posse of pundits (I’m included) share knowledge, experience and opinions on a blog called BrandingWire.

We do this by commenting on posts provided by people with branding issues. There’s no charge for posting.

If you have a specific branding question you’d like the posse to chew on, check out BrandingWire.

There you can request an opportunity to post your need on the site. Then you’ll be contacted and asked to submit your “branding brief”. You need to provide

the pertinent info to help the posse address your need specifically.

Then BrandingWire will post your brief as a post and the posse will respond with comments. So will others. But don’t worry: all comments are screened

before being posted so you’ll not be getting saying some claims that a dating service will solve your branding problem.

Look to BrandingWire as a branding resource .Check it out at BrandingWire.

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